Our Servicies

In Tecma have service Repair and Maintenance both mobile cranes, as light commercial, self-loading cranes and trucks in general. We have all kinds of accessories. We do all types of repairs on industrial cranes, chatarrelas-forestry, hookloaders and maintenance of hydraulic and electrical equipment, inverters and gearboxes.

Tecma offers its expertise in lifts and generators, attending their machines work directly with our workshop vehicles adapted for all types of repairs, both nationally and internationally. and all at a competitive price, offering the following services:
- Repairs.
- Maintenance.
- Certifications conservative company mobile cranes.
- Sale of spare parts and used cranes.


Venta de Repuestos

We sell all kinds of spare parts for public works machinery.

So we can install it at our workshop or customers come to pick up in the store.

Technical Support National and International

We have a fleet of vehicles workshop, equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform the repair, on site customer or where the machine is located in case of failure.


Tecma 2014 S.L.
Calle la Plata,20 (Pol Ind Gestesa)
28890 Loeches (Madrid) Spain
Telefono:+34 91 830 83 36
Telefono:+34 91 830 83 36